Track Competition & Improve your Social Media Presence

Analyze how your brand performs on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and compare yourself with your competitors. Are you a social marketeer? Use our tool to report or pitch to clients with the click of a button.

Easy social media insights

Check in the blink of an eye which social media platforms mention you.

Kurmily checks how you perform in comparison with your direct competition on on a wide array of social media platforms.

Currently Kurmily gathers results from twelve social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Hacker News and many more.

Facebook likes graph

Our analysis makes it easy to monitor your brands Facebooks page evolution.

Sneak Peak We're working on also displaying the likes for your competing pages so that you can immediately tell if you're doing better than them.

Facebook competition overview

Quickly check which pages pop are competing with yours and how they are performing.

Sneak Peak Right now we are working on gathering the best performing posts in your competitor group. Great way too see what content works for your Facebook audience!

Twitter analyis

See which competing Twitter accounts exist and how popular they are.

What would you like to see? Create a free account and tell us which Twitter analysis you'd like to see!

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